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Gotham… Take control… Take control of your city…

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She is stunning. She is the woman.

Bane doesn’t know what he missed since her absence, but he knows he missed plenty. He never would have expected such a thing, for such adoration of her, simply because she entered womanhood.

Is that really her? Is this really the fluttering young girl who climbed free from The Pit?

Immediately he knows he cannot have her. He cannot hold her as he did when Talia was but a child.

Ra’s will never let him.

Her eyes do not see him.

Bane is plainly ignored, but still, he watches. He fears he is now a monster to her, a ghost, but still he watches over her. Bane would always protect Talia, and now, he must do so from afar.

The pain he endured in the riot was nothing like the pain he endures now. She is still climbing away from Bane, and wants freedom from him.

Talia is engaged to another. Bane watches the two of them, and assumes they are in love. He sees everything, and it hurts, but he cannot bring himself to look away.

She is still everything to him.

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Talia knew very well that Bane would always have that mask.

When her father first found him, bloodied and bandaged, she was outraged. She was outraged knowing that her friend would forever be impaired. That others would look upon her protectors as some sort of monster.

Years later, in Gotham, he still had the mask. And yet, he was more astonished to see her since they first formulated their plans to destroy the wretched city. It was as if he expected her to change since before the incident with the plane.

And she did. Talia did not wish to, but she knew it was necessary. Everything was necessary for revenge, or so she reassured herself.

But when he was lying on the ground, gasping for his venom as she fixed him, she wasn’t quite so sure.

When Bane stood, she looked at him one more time. Those few seconds felt like forever to her. Talia still couldn’t bring herself to say those words she had always wanted to. Instead, she pressed her fingers to the front of his mask, and prayed he would understand that she had yearned to kiss him instead.

"Goodbye, my friend."

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Doing. Dream. Want.

Three habits I have:

  1. Not eating enough.
  2. Poor temper.
  3. Twisting my fingers in your hair as we sleep.

Three wishes I have:

  1. To marry you.
  2. To finish what we started in Gotham.
  3. To make you happy until the end of your days.

Three things I would do to you if we were alone:

  1. Anything.
  2. Everything.
  3. Surely you know that by now?
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“I was more flattered, actually. And perhaps a bit confused,” he replied with an amused smile. “I suppose I expected Moran as opposed to our dear Mr. Blake.”

She linked her arm with his and gently rested her head against his shoulder. “No, not him. I do believe I bypassed the system with those answers, but you will always be my number one.”

Bane felt an odd heat flow through him, but it was not an unfamiliar sensation; it was one he had only felt with her, and none of his past lovers. “I feel the same, of course,” he added softly, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

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I Must Confess in Threes
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